How to Convert MBOX to HTML – Convert a MailBox Message into HTML format

MBOX of the extension of files which is used to store all the mail messages in plain text format, it is difficult to read the messages in that format. The messages may be in simple text format but they are not in the proper manner so that someone can read those files.There are many other needs also which make a user to convert MBOX to HTML format. There are other formats also in which a user wants to migrate MBOX files like the most popular conversion is MBOX to PST Outlook. To export  MBOX to HTML there is a very simple way which is using MBOX to HTML Converter.

How to Convert MBOX to HTML

HTML files are basically used to create the web-pages. Converting MBOXfiles to HTML format helps to view the mailbox messages with the help of the browser. MBOX to HTML Converter is the best way to convert MBOXfiles to HTML format. A perfect tool should be used to convert any file format because it has almost no risk of file damage and any other risk factor. To convert MBOX to HTML format allows to convert files from MBOX to HTML format in three steps. From file selection to complete conversion the software support to convert the files in the easiest way. The software MBOX to HTML Converter has an easy user-interface which enables all the users to convert files from MBOX to HTML format in an easy way, from an expert technical to a beginner everyone can use this application to convert MBOX to HTML files.

Steps to Export MBOX to HTML

  1. Download the application MBOX to HTML Converter and select the MBOX files to convert them to HTML format
  2. After installing and selecting the files, select the location to save the converted MBOX to HTML files and also file naming option (file naming options is optional)
  3. At last, convert MBOX to HTML files by clicking on Convert option and itis done

MBOX files are converted successfully from MBOX to HTML format in just three steps

Specification of the tool MBOX to HTML Converter

  • This is completely free application to export MBOX files to HTML format.
  • MigrateMBOX files to HTML along with all the attachments. Email attachments are very important files as they also contain a lot of information.
  • The software allows to convert MBOX to HTML supported by different email applications like Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Windows Live Mail, and many others.
  • TheMBOX file to HTML software support to migrate MBOX files to HTML file format in bulk. As it is difficult to export files individually.Converting MBOX files individually is time-consuming and also a verylengthy process.
  • No file size limitation is there to export MBOX files to HTML file. This computer application allows to convert MBOX files of large size as well.
  • The conversion by this software is less time consuming and effortless.
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