How to Convert Lotus Notes NSF Files to Outlook PST- Assured Solution

Brief Overview of How to Convert NSF files to PST

Want to export Lotus Notes email to Microsoft Outlook? Then there is a basic requirement which plays an important role in the transfer process.This requirement is the NSF to PST Conversion. If the user somehow fails in doing so then the data cannot be accessed in Microsoft Outlook. An automated tool guarantees to securely convert Lotus Notes mailbox to Outlook. Let’s have a look at the file formats which are used in this conversion process.

What is NSF File Format?

NSF stands for Notes Storage Facility. It is a database file that is used by IBM Lotus Notes. NSF files can be downloaded by Lotus Notes so that the user can work in offline mode. The changes that are made to the database can be synchronized back to it.

What is PST File Format?

PST stands for Personal Storage Table. It is a file format which is used by Microsoft Outlook, it stores its personal information. This file format also includes email folders, contacts, etc. When different Outlook items are stored in a .pst format, they are available on the computer where it is stored.

Need for NSF to PST Conversion

Lotus Notes is a desktop email client by IBM, though being very powerful. It is very expensive & complex to use. Thus people usually migrate Lotus Notes to Outlook as it is comparatively quite easy to use.

The Lotus Notes accesses all its data in NSF format, thus when we wish to use our Lotus Notes files in Outlook we cannot do it as the file format Outlook supports is PST, thus there comes the need to convert NSF files to PST.

Advantages of Conversion of NSF files to PST

Outlook is one of the most famous email clients which is very easy to use & understand. On the other hand, Lotus Notes requires a need for technical expertise to install it. Thus it poses difficulty for the users who use it. Outlook is widely accepted globally, thus the user usually needs to convert its NSF files into PST so that it can be accessed in Outlook.

How to Convert NSF files to PST

There are two ways by which you can import NSF files to PST i.e. by using manual steps or using an automated tool. If you go ahead with the manual procedure, these are the two basic steps as follows-

  1. Convert NSF files to CSV
  2. Import the CSV files into Outlook.

These manual methods to import NSF files to PST can be quite complex for the user to follow as it would require technical knowledge which the user may not possess. Also if the user wishes to transfer large-sized data then it might become a very time taking process. Therefore it is recommended to take the help of an automated tool like the one discussed below.

As we already know NSF files are created in Lotus Notes & PST files are created in Outlook. Thus to use the files that are present in Lotus Notes in Microsoft Outlook there is a need to export NSF to PST.

A Conversion tool like DataHelp NSF to PST Wizard can be a very handy solution in such circumstances. Some features of this are mentioned below:

  •  This tool not only converts a single NSF file into PST but also carries out the procedure in bulk.
  • The original properties of the files that are transferred are maintained.
  • Allows the user to select multiple NSF files at a time.


The conversion of NSF files to pst can become very cumbersome if the user tries to do it manually without having enough technical knowledge and also converting bulk files consume a lot of time. Thus it is a smart choice to switch to a tool like NSF to PST converter to cater to such purpose.

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