Convert Excel sheet to vCard using Best Methods: Quick Guide

Mostly everyone knows about Microsoft Excel. It helps users to keep data in an organized manner. You can also manage your contacts in an Excel sheet. But, Excel sheets are only accessible in Microsoft Excel and similar apps. So, If you want to view Excel sheets easily, you need to convert Excel sheet to vCard. So, we are here with the best solutions to convert XLS to vCard. We have also included a professional tool. The name of this utility is Excel to vCard Converter. But before that, let us check the bases to create VCF file from Excel.

Why create vCard from Excel?

There are many reasons to convert XLSX to vCard. Following are some of these reasons:

  • vCard Files are small in size and thus can be transmitted easily without thinking about file size limitations.
  •  You can access vCard files from any operating system without any difficulty. However, this is not possible in Excel files. 
  • Users can’t export single contact from an Excel sheet, Whereas vCard allows users to create single contact for an individual vCard.

These are some motives why users want to convert Excel sheet to vCard.Let us learn the methods to create vCard from Excel.If you are seeking results for ways to recover corrupted Excel spreadsheet, then check this blog. 

How to convert Excel to VCF without Software?

This Manual method consists of three phases. These stages are as follows:-

  1. Conversion from Excel file to CSV 
  2. Importing Contacts from CSV file
  3. Exporting Contacts from CSV to vCard

Now let us perform these instructions to convert Excel sheet to vCard. Given below is the step-by-step procedure to convert Excel to VCF free.

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Step 1: Conversion from Excel file to CSV

In the first step, we will convert the Excel file to CSV. To achieve this, follow the guidelines mentioned below:

  1. Firstly, open the Excel file you need to convert to vCard.
  2. Now, tap on the Office icon visible in the top left corner of the screen.
  3. Follow by clicking on Save As option. Then select Other Formats from the number of alternatives.
  4. After that, choose the destination to save the file.
  5. Then opt for CSV(Comma Delimited) under the option Save as type.
  6. Finally, hit the Save tab to convert the Excel file to a CSV file.

To proceed further, below are provided instructions for the second stage.

Step 2: Importing Contacts from CSV file

We will import contacts from the previously created CSV file at this stage. The guidelines are as follows:-

  1. Firstly explore Contacts in the Windows Search bar.
  2. Then, choose the Import Option from the Contacts pane.
  3. Now, pick CSV as your selected file format. Tap on the Import tab.
  4. Afterward, tap on Browse and select the CSV file formed earlier. Press the Next button to proceed.
  5. Finally, choose the fields you want to import and hit on Finish.

This step will import contacts from CSV file. Now you need to follow some more steps to export contacts to VCF file format. 

Step 3: Exporting Contacts from CSV to vCard

Given below are the steps to convert CSV to vCard. Follow these instructions to convert Excel sheet to vCard finally:

  1. Firstly, open the Contact Wizard again to move further.
  2. Now, choose all the Contacts to export to vCard.
  3. Then, opt for vCards (folder of .VCF files). After that, hit on Export.
  4. Browse the location to keep the resultant VCF file. Finally, press the OK button.

The above manual procedure is Workable and doesn’t cost you any money. However, I still suggest users check its cons before using this approach. Following are the shortcomings of the Manual Procedure. 

Drawbacks of Manual Method

There are lots of issues users face while using the manual technique. Some problems are as follows:

  • The manual process needs lots of time to perform all three steps.
  • The above method involves lots of confusing steps. That’s why novice users may face difficulty executing the procedure.
  • Users are unable to convert multiple Excel files using the Manual Method. 
  • There is no assurance of seamless conversion of Excel files to vCard.

These are some weak points of Manual Procedure. However, there is one better alternative available. The other option is to use a professional method. Let us look at what it is in the coming context.

 How to convert XLSX to vCard using Professional Approach

If you want a quick conversion, then this method is for you. Here, we will utilize a professional tool named Excel to vCard Converter. It is the best software to convert XLS to vCard quickly and safely. Moreover, It converts all the Excel sheet details like contacts, names, phones, emails, addresses, titles, etc., to VCF. This advanced utility has two modes for selective conversion. These two modes are Advanced Mode and Standard Mode. Also, you can run this utility in all Windows Operating Systems versions. Also, It has some advanced features to create vCard from Excel effortlessly. Now, let’s sum up the blog in a few lines.

To Conclude

To access Excel sheets on all platforms, you need to create a VCF file from Excel. For this, we discussed the Manual method. But, it has some limitations and consumes lots of time. Thus, we also discussed a flawless technique named Professional Approach. Finally, I suggest users opt for Professional Way to convert Excel sheet to vCard.

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