Convert EML to MBOX Thunderbird Using the Best Approaches

Summary: The following article provides you with the best solution. In which you can easily convert EML to MBOX Thunderbird without any worry. We provide you with both the manual and automatic methods with their limitations, and how to conquer these limitations.

In addition to being well-known and extensively used file formats, both EML and MBOX are also widely used. Both of them are compatible with various email clients, such as Thunderbird, Windows Live Mail, SeaMonkey, etc. The most important difference between the EML and MBOX formats is that MBOX exports each folder as a standalone file, whereas EML exports each message individually.

The EML file, on the other hand, is compatible with the Windows mail client, while the MBOX file is compatible with a variety of operating system mail applications. Users continue to convert their EML data to MBOX file format due to the MBOX file format’s unique features.

Why Do Users Want to Convert EML to MBOX Thunderbird?

Users have plenty of reasons to convert EML files to MBOX File format. So, In the below part we discuss a few user queries.

  • Thunderbird is now the most popular email client in the world. As a result, the administrator began switching from Windows Live Mail to Mozilla Thunderbird. This is the primary reason for exporting EML to MBOX.
  • A user might have to import EML files to MBOX format if he changes his workplace and has to use Mac OS.

How to Convert EML to MBOX Thunderbird Using Manual Approach

To import eml into thunderbird user need to convert EML into MBOX and then the user can easily convert .eml messages to the MBOX thunderbird account without any worry. Start the procedure by following the below-mentioned method.

Method 1: Convert EML to Thunderbird Using Drag and Drop Method

1. Open Mozilla Thunderbird Account
2. Right-click on the Local folder and click New Folder
3. Provide a new folder name you can also choose to create as a subfolder of
4. Then go to the save EML files in your system select all .eml messages
5. Open Thunderbird and minimize the screen to perform the procedure
6. Drag and drop all the selected .eml messages to the newly created folder
7. After that restart the thunderbird account to refresh and import EML into the Thunderbird account.

Limitations of this Method 1

  • Not all Mozilla Thunderbird versions support the drag and drop method
  • Bulk emails didn’t upload into Thunderbird by using this method
  • In the procedure shutting down thunderbird or a computer system may cause you data loss.
  • Email attributes and email properties can also be lost in the procedure.
  • To manually drag and drop EML messages to Thunderbird can take a lot amount of time.

Method 2: Import EML to MBOX Using ImportExportTools NG Add-ons

Step 1:
1. Start Mozilla Thunderbird in your Windows OS
2. Click the Alt key to see the menu bar and select Tool in the opening bar
3. And select the Add-ons and Themes option
4. In the next window, search ImportExportTools NG in the search bar
5. After that select Add on Thunderbird option and add the add-on to your Thunderbird account
6. In the next step, restart the Thunderbird application to upload all the EML into the application.

Step 2:
1. After restarting Thunderbird
2. Right-click on the Local folder and create New Folder
3. After creating a new folder right-click on the newly created folder and select ImportExportTools NG
4. Select the Import Messages option and browse the stored EML messages
5. Then select all the EML messages to upload into Thunderbird.

Limitations of this Method 2

  • New Thunderbird versions didn’t support the ImportExportTools NG add-on
  • Due to Open-source Thunderbird shows an error in the procedure
  • In the manual method, EML messages didn’t upload in bulk
  • Links, Images, Attachments, Hyperlinks, alter during the conversion.

How to Convert EML to MBOX Using Expert Alternative

Use this EML to MBOX Converter Tool to import tons of messages into Thunderbird. You can use this utility to complete the import process with complete safety and security. Not only conversion but you can also convert EML into multiple Email file formats or can also backup EML files into document format.

Steps to Convert EML to MBOX Thunderbird Using Safe and Secure Way

1. Select Open > Email Data Files > EML Files from the drop-down options
2. Browse the EML files in your system and upload them to the tool’s preview panel
3. Then select the Export option and click MBOX from the drop-down list.
4. Or you can directly import EML to Thunderbird using this utility.
5. To start the process, select Save in the MBOX Export Options Window.

Why Do Users Need to Use this EML to MBOX Converter Tool?

This utility provides you with multiple features and options that only this tool can offer. As you can see that if you want to convert EML into PDF format for backup then you need to use another software.

But, in this software, you don’t need to install any other tool. Users can convert their EML files into various file formats using only this tool.

  • It maintains proper email attributes without alteration
  • Manage proper file structure and folder hierarchy
  • Import EML files with complete attached images, documents, and hyperlinks.
  • Multiple Eml preview modes for better understanding
  • Double option to search email i.e., Quick search and Advanced Search

Author’s Suggestion

In this article, we provide the best manual method to import EML to the MBOX Thunderbird account. You can choose any of the approaches to complete the procedure with security. We highly recommend you try the automatic solution. Because it provides you complete data security and a virus-free EML file to MBOX Thunderbird conversion.

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