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Hi folks,

Techbizy is an Independent media. We love to write articles and share because its our passion. Techbizy is a platform where you can find Top best software, Tutorials, Tips of the tech world and many more solutions. Many people have contacted us for writing about their software or apps which is really great for us. This shows we are also in show biz now lol.

Anyway we have started a new program i.e Contribute Articles. If you have any article which you want to get viral or to promote , you can simply submit your article to Guest Posting.

Style Guide To Be Followed;

  • Article length: More than 900 words, Can be exceeded if the article is highly influential.
  • Post titles: Initial caps, No over 70 Characters long, Relevant Images.
  • Subheads: use of subheads (H1, H2, H3, etc.), Bulleted lists and unordered lists are inspired for a positive user experience and readability.
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