How to Change WordPress Admin Login URL For Better Security

Brute Force Attack in one of the most common type of hacking on WordPress. In this kind of attack, a hacker try various combinations for cracking username and password.

As you all know the most common username in WordPress is “wp-admin” so any hacker can easily get started with brute force attack.

In this WordPress Security series there are many free plugins for which can help you to prevent brute force attack. Or you can Change the admin URL link ,So that any hacker wont get any idea of you website access URL link.

So Today I am going to show you How you can change the admin URL using WPS Hide Login Plugin in WordPress.

How To Change WP-Login URL With WPS Hide Login Plugin ?

WPS Hide Login is one of the best and most popular plugin for changing admin url. Install this plugin by typing “WPS Hide Login” in your Plugin search box Or Click here to Download now.

After installing this plugin in your WordPress. Go to Setting>General to configure option. Scroll down to bottom, you will see the option to configure the “WPS Hide Login” plugin.

Change wordpress admin url

WP Admin Login URL

You can type any word or name in the blank space and that will be your new login URL. For Example in above screenshot , is the new WordPress Admin Login.

If you are the only blogger or admin or your website then you should any word which is easy to remember or you can add something like “adskhkshfdkshf” and save this unique login URL to your browser bookmark.

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The idea behind this is to secure your Admin Login URL at most higher level which is almost hard to discover.


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