How To Change The Url Of Your Already Published Blog Without Losing Traffic in WordPress.

One of the reasons I love WordPress is for its simplicity to get tedious tasks done with the help of plugins. If you had tried editing the post slug of your old posts, you might have encountered 404 error & various other issues. This guide is the answer to all your questions & issues that you may or might encounter while changing already published blog post link.

Things to Keep in Mind before Changing Your Already published Blog’s Url

  1. It’s completely fine to edit old post slug as long as you are setting up 301 redirect.
  2. You would not lose any search engine traffic when editing post slug & setting up 301 redirect.
  3. You would lose social media share as the post link changes.
  4. It’s not recommended to change the slug of a high ranking blog post

How to set up redirection in WordPress

#1. The First thing you need is to Install and activate this free redirection Plugin

#2. Copy the url link of your already published post and paste it in notepad or somewhere else.

#3. Then click on edit below post title to change the post slug. Change the slug as per your need and also copy the new url

For example

old Url >>

new Url >>


#3. Go to Tools > Redirection.

#4. Here you can set the 301 redirect from old post to the new one as shown in below screenshot:

Change the url of already published post 2

Do note that you would lose your social media shares number & that is a very little trade-off you need to make when dealing with editing old post URL. I usually do this for editing my old blog posts or dealing with non-performing blog posts

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