How to Boost Up Your Android Game Performance

Smartphones are getting smarter and smarter now a days. Previously the smartphones wont able to handle heavy apps and games. Then new smartphones are launched with better capability and specifications. Every android user wants in gaming that their gaming performance should be smooth without lagging.

So today we will show you how to boost your android game performance in few easy methods.

Steps to Boost Up Game Performance

Step 1 You need to root your device. For this step you can use this app called Kingo Root

Step 2 After rooting your mobile you need to install GI Tools. This app will actually improve the graphic performance of your android.

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Step 3 Now once you installed this app launch it and this app will ask you the super user access, grant it that will help this app to write and control system settings to get the better performance from them.

Best trick to boost game performance

Boost Game Performance

Step 4 Now you need to add a little plugin to make this app work, and for that, you can select TEX(DE)coder there.

Boost game performance

Boost game performance

Step 5 Agree all the terms and conditions and install it. Your device will reboot for required changes.

Step 6  Now after reboot . Open the app and select the apps which you would like to boost performance.

Best trick to boost your game performance

Boost up game performance

Step 7 You can see plenty of options available in this app . You can use or set them according to your need.

Best trick to boost your device performance

Boost Up device for game performance

That’s it , Now try playing a game and you will definitely found difference in the performance .

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