Windows 8 Cannot Open bkf Files – Get BKF File Explorer Here

A Practical Scenario

In you have been using MS Windows XP version and while working on that Operating System, you take regular backups of your crucial and critical data onto some external hard drive using the Backup Utility tool of Windows XP, then chances are there that finally you have imagined that when there would be the time to switch to a fresh new version of Windows i.e. Windows 8, at that time, you would easily restore that previously created backups into your new OS version. But it did not happen that way, not you might have found yourself with a totally dead XP version machine and all that is left with you is a trust-worthy external hard drive containing the recent backup that you had created using the Backup Utility tool of Windows XP, a version of Windows that you were using earlier.

When You Cannot Do Anything about It!Irrespective of your present situation, you will definitely not be very happy to know that the backup and restore tools in Windows 8 Operating System version are entirely different from the Windows XP Backup Utility tool and as such those backup files created using the XP version are also incompatible in this new version of Windows. Surely, you will also be not very happy to learn the fact that even though Microsoft Corporation has provided various supplemental utilities designed to allow a user to restore an XP backup in Vista and in Win7; however, they have not done anything like this for Windows 8 users. And, to further add an insult to this injury, neither of these supplemental tools work with Windows 8. So you are again back to square one, with no help to open BKF files of Windows XP in Windows 8 when Windows 8 cannot open .bkf files.

BKF File ExplorerFortunately, there is a way and you will be elated to know that yes there actually is a way by which you can open the BKF files of Windows XP and access their data in Windows 8 even when Windows 8 cannot open .bkf files. Of course, I would recommend using this tool on a regular basis whenever there is such requirement as this technique 100% works in a perfectly way to restore XP backup in Windows 8. This is with the help of a tool called the BKF file explorer, which is provided by an industry leading vendor. This is an awesome tool available at your disposal always. You can go to the company website or the relevant software website to get hold of this solution. Much to your interest, there is a demo model of the tool available too for you to test its efficiency much before you plan to purchase it finally.

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