Best Way to Batch Convert Apple Mail to PDF Format?

If you’re searching for a solution, how to batch Apple Mail to PDF? Then, your search is finished here, you get the complete solution to convert Apple Mail to PDF format easily.

As we all know, Apple Mail is the best choice for the Mac users as it comes as the default mail client in Mac systems. There are many other reasons for utilizing this client data flexibility, easy and simple to use interface with the powerful features. However, the Apple Mail creates and saves its emails data into MBOX file format.

In some situations, users need to batch convert Apple Mail to PDF file format. This allows graphics integrity to be mentioned irrespective of the platform on which the emails are being viewed on. Following segment helps you to export the data from Mac mail to PDF format.

What Makes Users to Convert Apple Mail to PDF?

There are numerous file formats that are either platform independent or open source, but none is as flexible as PDF. Hence, this format is not platform dependent, the documents are simply to carry and view on the different operating systems. So, most of the users save Apple Mail email as PDF format as it is secure and can be carried out easily anywhere.

Two Methods For Converting Mac Mail to PDF Files

There are two ways through which one can easily export the mailboxes into PDF format as mentioned in the below section:

Method 1: How to Save Apple Mail Email As PDF Manually?

  • Convert Apple Mail Messages As Files:
  • Select File >> Click on Save As option

Store Multiple Messages As PDF:

  • Choose one or more messages
  • Select File >>option to Export as PDF

Limitations of the Manual Method

Using a manual method we see that it is a lengthy as well as time consuming process. However, it fails to move the Apple Mail data in batch to PDF format. But, while saving Mac mail to PDF, there is a chance to lose the attachments.

So, let us move to the next section, where you get an instant solution which make your conversion process easier in a very simple steps:

Method 2: Automated Solution to Batch Convert Apple Mail to PDF Format

After overcoming the limitations faced by the above method, users must opt for an professional alternative. Best MBOX Migration Solution exports multiple Apple mail mailboxes at once on all the versions of Mac equivalent or above MC OS.

This tool is designed with well-chosen techniques and algorithms. This is a way to get the technical conversion while the operation remains easy to be executed by even non-technical users.

Therefore, this tool is easily operated, owns all the required techniques, lets you perform the conversion comfortably, and guarantees a complete successful, and secure way to save apple email to PDF.

Now, follow the below working steps to complete your conversion process in a simple and quick manner.

Working Process Explained For the Software

Follow these steps to perform the automated solution easily without facing any hassle:-

  1. Download and run the software on your Windows machine.
  2. Now, click on Add File Button to Browse MBOX, MBS, and MBX, files
  3. Browse Option: Default Profile Configured & Select Files/Folders
  4. To Preview MBOX File’s Emails With Attachments
  5. Finally, Select MBOX Migration Options and Desired Location.

Advance Features & Benefits

  • The tool is able to execute batch conversion of Mac Mail to PDF format.
  • Through this software users can easily save their Apple Mail file i.e., MBOX file to PDF format in a safe and secure way. It is designed with the help of proper technicalities required for a secure and complete conversion of the Apple Mail database.
  • Multiple Advanced Settings are available in the utility such as the option to apply page margins, set page numbers, and include MIME header, etc.
  • It also provides an option to filter the emails that fail in a specific date range to convert only the specific emails.
  • It supports all the latest versions of Mac operating systems to execute the data conversion process in a precise manner.
  • The advantages discussed above, converting Apple emails to PDF can be made successfully without any hassle.
  • The front-end of the conversion software is very easy to use by both the users technical and non-technical.

Note: However, both the methods defined are only applicable on Mac systems. If users want to convert Apple Mail mailbox into PDF on Windows, refer to the Windows version of the software on its official website.

Final Words:

In this article, we have discussed how to batch convert Apple Mail to PDF format? After understanding the technicalities of this conversion, we have come up with two solutions to execute the data conversion process in a precise manner. Which is manual and automated methods to convert multiple Mac Mail to PDF format without any hassle. So, you can go with any method as per your requirement.

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