Top 8 Best Forensic Data Recovery Software in 2023

Looking for the best Forensic Data Recovery software in 2022? Congrats! You had landed on the right place. Forensic tools facilitate investigators to extract crucial files of proof from electronic devices place the criminals behind bars. This software helps to retrieve data from deliberately erased, damaged, or corrupted for legal purposes. There are a large number of data recovery software within the market. But, do not worry!! In this article, we are going to recommend only the best forensic data recovery software.

8 Best Forensic Data Recovery Software in 2022

#1. Advik Data Recovery Software

This wizard is one of the widely used application to recover data from deleted partition, permanently deleted files, formatted HDD, etc. This e-Discovery tool will also provide a complete live preview of restored files. You can choose and select what files you would like to restore.

best top 8 forensic data recovery software in 2020

#2. Systools Data Restore Tool

This tool was developed by an experienced group of forensic specialists and experts. It will use for depth investigation into every type of cyber-attack. Systools recovery software is available for anyone to download.

best forensic data recovery software 2020

#3. ProDiscover Forensic

ProDiscover is the best tool to recover just about any data that was deleted from disk drives of any pc. And at the same time protect evidence and build quality in reports to be used in legal proceedings.

#4. Volatility Framework

Volatility Framework is used for analyzing the runtime state of a device using system information found within the memory or ram. It will very useful amongst law enforcement and intelligence agencies.

#5. The Sleuth Kit

The Sleuth Kit is a software to access pc hard drive, smartphones, etc for looking evidence to help identify instances of crime or malicious activities. It includes analysis of emails, recovery of deleted or corrupted files, messages and so on. It supports multi-user functionality.


CAINE stands for Computer-Aided Investigative Environment. This software is used for the assessment of database, memory as well as networks. Being alive distribution software, it can be carried around in flash drives and used directly, without installing.

#7. Xplico

Xplico mostly used for network administrators in companies that exchange large amounts of data. It is extremely effective in tracing unauthorized access and enforcing regulatory compliance.

#8. X-Ways Forensics

X-Ways Forensics provides various sorts of tools that aid in digital forensics. From data recovery to disk cloning, finding and retrieving lost data, recovering deleted files and so on. Software becomes an absolute must-have for all like professional cyber forensic analysts.

These are the top 8 best Forensic data recovery software used by many professionals and enforcement agencies in performing different forensics. However, the list is not limited to the above-defined tools.


Till now we had discussed several best forensic data recovery solutions. After examining and research we found Advik Data Recovery is one of the favorite choices by Forensics. This tool involves deep investigation and files recovery from formatted disk drive, virus-infected devices, deleted partition and many more.

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