Android 14 First Preview: Major Features and Changes

Android 14 is here, and it’s packed with a range of new features and changes that promise to improve your mobile experience. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the major changes and features in the new Android update.

Improve battery life

First and foremost, Android 14 has been optimized to improve battery life. The system now takes less power from unneeded processes and apps, and the battery page has been streamlined. Screen-on time, which was removed in stock Android, is now back in Android 14. The battery saver page now shows you two different battery savers, including a basic and an extreme version. There’s also a new schedule and reminder page where you can turn on battery saver based on a percentage and turn it off when the phone is charged to 90 and above. You can also choose to turn off or turn on battery low reminders.

Apps installed in the background

Next, Android 14 introduces a new hidden page called “Apps installed in the background.” This page lists all the apps that the device manufacturer installs in the background and are not required by the phone. This is a useful feature as users can now easily uninstall these apps right from this option. Google is finally doing something about bloatware on Android, and this option should let users uninstall them.

Clone Apps Feature

Android 14 also brings a new clone apps feature, which will let you clone apps without any third-party apps or work profiles required. This should be great for people who have two Snapchat or Facebook accounts, for instance.

New Permission Prompt

The new permission prompt in Android 14 will let you select photos and only share them with the app. Moreover, Android 14 introduces a new predictive back gesture, which will give you a glimpse of where you’re going with the back gesture so you don’t accidentally exit an app. You can now scale phone sizes up to 200 percent in Android 14 versus 130 in Android 13, which is beneficial for elders and people with eyesight issues.


Overall, the first developer preview for Android 14 is aimed at developers, so there aren’t many user-facing features and changes. However, Android 14 is packed with a range of exciting new features and changes that will improve your mobile experience.

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