An Instant Method to Fix ‘Netflix Profile Disappeared’ Error and Recover Deleted History

Netflix is now a popular growing application for entertainment purpose. Many users across the globe has subscribed to Netflix to watch latest TV Shows, movies and other videos. Well, As many people are joining the Netflix club, some are reporting of problem that their ‘Netflix Profile Disappeared’. When the profile is gone the viewing history is also not available. So, check out the methods to recover deleted Netflix profile and history.

Netflix provides users to have multiple account, the main account and other secondary ones. This helps to share videos, TV shows with others. While Netflix profile is still there, many users complain that the viewing history is missing. These problems make user frustrated as they do not know the ways to recover a Netflix profile. Users generally query how to get history back, and is there any way to retrieve Netflix deleted profile.

Netflix application purpose is to give access to only subscribers and the files are stored on server itself. It does not give users the flexibility to download them. As all the data is available on server the cause of error is there too. If the application is not used in a while it may timeout the session and delete profile itself.


Recover Deleted Netflix Profile


Here are some methods by which you can recover profile and deleted viewing history.

Login and Logout from App

If the application open but does not have your profile, it may be due to poor connection between server and app. To solve this

  • Login to Netflix account and then Log out
  • Now again Login and your main profile will appear


Online Chat Support


If your profile is available but the viewing history is deleted, you can get online support from Netflix live chat feature

  • Open Netflix app and enter your login credentials
  • Go to My Account and then click on Help Center
  • The Help Center page will open, scroll down the page and click on Netflix Support
  • You can resolve problem via live chat and ask to recover profile and history

Call Toll-free number

If the issue is not resolved on live chat and you want to recover profile instantly then, call on toll-free number 1800 585 7265. Connect the call with agent and describe your problem. The agent will look in to your account and fix the Netflix profile problem

In some cases, internet connectivity is also a reason of Netflix history and profile. Check your internet connection and device to fix errors with Netflix profile history. Moreover, if you have deleted some files from the smartphone, then Netflix will not run. To recover these files with the Android Recovery Tool.

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