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5 Reasons You Must Avoid eDiscovery PST Export Tool

Description: Here are top 5 reasons eDiscovery PST export tool is not the best way to backup Office 365 data and emails. Know how you can safely backup O365 mailboxes without eDiscovery.

Hello everyone, one of my friends who is using Office 365 asked me – Is Office 365 eDiscovery PST Export Tool really beneficial to backup Office 365 data?

Well, the answer is NO!

No doubt! eDiscovery is an incredible feature used for legal cases. It gives the power to search  content across Exchange Online mailboxes, Groups, Skype for Business, SharePoint Online. And hold the resultant information for certain period of time. Here, a utility known as eDiscovery PST Export Tool comes under the eDiscovery service. Its prime function is to just download the searched content in PST on desired location in the system. Unfortunately, it is not designed for backup Office 365 data.

So, when we talk about – Can eDiscovery Export Tool be used as an O365 backup software? Then, this is not meant for that task. Its work is to export the data that is searched by admin or user who has eDiscovery permission. Sadly, Microsoft Office 365 still lags behind in case of backup Office 365 emails, contacts, calendars and the other data.

So, this article is written for all organizations who still believe that eDiscovery PST Export tool can be used to backup Exchange Online mailbox to PST. The top five reasons of avoiding eDiscovery Export Tool are described here. It will certainly convince you how unsafe it is for your organization when you do not have a proper backup solution.

So, let’s get started!

5 Reasons to Avoid eDiscovery PST Export Tool to Backup Office 365 Data

Here, we are going to describe the most annoying issues that show up while exporting the searched information into PST via. eDiscovery tool.

Reason 1: Application Cannot Be Started. Contact the Application Vendor

The very first error encounter by people is a problem while downloading the eDiscovery PST Export Tool. This technical glitch occurs when the basic pre-requisites for downloading the application cannot be fulfilled.

eDiscovery PST export tool
eDiscovery PST export tool

To use the tool, a user system should have to follow the below guidelines-

  • System must run on Windows 7 OS & above editions
  • Microsoft .NET framework version 4.7 must be installed
  • Browser should either Internet Explorer 8 & above or Chrome and Firefox (must have ClickOnce add-in)

If you miss any requirement, then it is possible that you may face this error in between backup Office 365 data.

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Reason 2: Export Failed With Error Type ‘FailedToSearchMailboxes

There are two possible factors that raise this issue during the on-going export task.

Some corrupt messages are present in exported searched content.

It might be possible that data items are available in a huge amount. Due to which the eDiscovery PST Export tool gets fails.

eDiscovery PST export tool
eDiscovery PST export tool

Reason 3: Data Export, But Has Some Errors

It is the most dreadful situation when the entire process gets over, but the exported PST has some errors. The general cause behind this issue is an internet connection whose frequency fluctuates while using the tool.


eDiscovery export tool
eDiscovery export tool

Reason 4: Tool Crashed During Huge Data Export

eDiscovery PST Export Tool has a limitation that it does not act normally while dealing with large searched content. For example, if you are exporting data of 60 GB, then in the middle of process, it starts behaving abnormally and can be crashed or hanged before backup Office 365 mailbox.

eDiscovery export tool
eDiscovery export tool

Reason 5: Freeze At Calculating State

PST Export Tool calculates the time for various attributes like Speed, Process Time Remaining and so on before Office 365 backup starts. However, many times, the tool gets stuck at calculating status like a loop. As a result, no export process can be performed further and you have to terminate it.


eDiscovery export tool
eDiscovery export tool

So, Which Tool Can Be Trusted to Backup Office 365 Mailboxes?

After reading the above reasons, many people now have enough knowledge that eDiscovery PST Export Tool is not good enough for backup. Thus, the next concern comes, how we ethically preserve Office 365 data while ensuring the content authenticity on the system?

This can be easily done with SysTools Office 365 Backup & Restore software. It ensures complete backup of Office 365 emails, calendars, contacts, and shared mailbox data on the local environment. Plus, the Office 365 administrator can convert data of multiple users in preferred format in one shot without any fail. The tool offers to backup Exchange Online mailbox to PST and EML formats for downloading the mailbox data. Adding to it, there is unlimited retention period.

Above all, no backup is successful if you are unable to restore it. So, this software also overcomes this situation. With the same utility, one can restore the backup that is saved in PST file to Office 365 account.

Time to Wrap Up!

It is clear eDiscovery PST tool has different significance that is not relatable to Office 365 backup. Therefore, in this article, we have discussed top 5 reason on why you should avoid eDiscovery tool for backup procedure. Along with that, a comprehensive Office 365 Backup & Restore tool is also suggested to authentically backup Office 365 data with restore functionality.


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