4 Mobile Charging Mistakes To Be Avoided For Better Battery Life

Technology is getting smarter and smarter day by day. Even in mobile manufacturer battery performance is the main point of impression. User wants a smartphone with long lasting battery life. The company do provide good battery . But its the user who need to keep up the performance of battery and its quality.

Today we are going to tackle some charging mistakes which we are doing in our daily life. So that we can improve the battery life of our android device.

#1 Charging The Phone Overnight

Battery performance getting worce

Charging the phone Overnight

Lots of people left the mobile charge for whole night. So they can get full battery in morning but one thing they don’t know is they are actually loosing the longevity of battery life . It also overheat the mobile which is not good for the performance of the device. Therefor make sure to unplug your device after sufficient charge.

#2. Remove Mobile Cover or Case Before Charging

Best trick to increase battey life

Remove Cover of Mobile Before charging

This is quite funny to hear and seems quite illogical . But actually charging the device with back case or cover will lock the heat which is produced while charging . So its better to remove the cover of the device while charging.

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#3. Don’t Touch The 100% Limit While Charging

Dont charge the mobile at 100%

100% Battery

Well 80-85% battery backup is good and enough for a day . Reaching the 100% isn’t a good option as it increase the battery heat,therefore affecting battery life.

#4 Use Good Quality Charger

If you recently lost your charger, then you need to be extra careful while choosing the right charger for your phone. What we do is we always use any substitute charger, we never hesitate to use our friends’ charger to charge our smartphone. However, make sure to charge your smartphone from the original one because this will ensure your phone doesn’t overheat.

Increase battery life of android device

Use Good Quality Charger




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