10 Incredible Hidden Features Of Your iPhone

For iPhone Users ,Have you ever thought what else you can explore with your iPhone?

There are many amazing and cool features in iPhone which may be you are already award of. Buy Today we have found 10 incredible hidden features foe iPhone you probably not award of. These features will definitely optimize the time and improve the use of make this essentials device in your daily life.

So here are the features,

1 Shake your iPhone to undo text : If you ever made any mistake while typing just shake your iPhone and it will bring the last text.

2. Get Siri to read your emails loud: If you say read my mails . Siri will start reading your mails aloud.

3. Charge the battery more quickly on airplane mode : The most common issue of any smartphone is the battery drainage. It usually take 2 -3 hours for charging the mobile battery . But you can decreased the charging time by 30% by putting the mobile in airplane mode while charging the battery .

4. You can ask how many planes are flying above you: This is the most incredible feature of iPhone. If you ask Siri that how many planes are above me. Siri will show you the list of active flights which are above you at that moment.

5. You can tech Siri to improve his pronunciation : If the assistant does something improperly . You can say “No way” and will offer you different alternative to choose from.

6. You can turn off the music by timer: Select the “On completion” option and then “Stop Playback”. So depending on the time you choose . The music will turn off.

7. Take Picture using Volume Button : Actually this feature is also available for Android users. While using camera app you can take a snap by pressing volume button.

8. Play music and videos in the middle ,fourth and eighth of average speed :  If you hold the dot on top bar of teh player and move your fingers down without lifting it. you can control the playback speed.

9. You can see the exact time of sending your messages: Dragging the messages to the left you can see the time of sending all text messages .

10. Take series of photographs simultaneously : If you want to take picture of movement object press and hold the take photos button from camera app. It will start taking pictures simultaneously.

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